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XLR Studio Condenser Mic for
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yeti nano

Small footprint. Big sound.


The Ultimate Broadcast Studio

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Blue + PUBG Bundles combine gaming’s #1 USB mics from Blue with the legendary battle royale shooter Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Now available with Blackout Yeti or Snowball Black iCE!

You cannot go wrong with Blue.


Blue Microphones have long been the choice of podcasters and recording pros.


Blue's condenser microphones are some of the most highly-coveted out there because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into building each one


The Yeti makes other lesser USB mics look downright abominable.


Satellite are some amazing-sounding headphones


Richard Patrick On Songwriting


I got my Yeti to record punk rock guitar in my basement. It came out great, but I’m no Johnny Ramone. While music is a fun outlet, it’s unfulfilling to me, so it wasn’t until much later, in 2018, that I truly put my Yeti to good use when I started a podcast with Josh, an awesome dude I work with who happens to be affected my Autism. I’ve used what I have to give a louder voice to a fiercely under heard and under served community, and together Josh and I spread awareness, understanding and inspiration to anyone who will listen.
To people in music and media - if you ever have time for an extra project and you’re not sure what to do, trying passing your mic off to someone who deserves to be heard for a change. I promise you that not only will you like what you hear, you’ll like how you feel, too. That’s #MyYetiStory. - Dave Thompson

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Blue has teamed up with Bethesda® to bring you the Yeti + Fallout 76 Bundle. Together with the highly anticipated multiplayer action role-playing game, Fallout 76 (PC download, $60 value), this bundle gives you everything you need to game and sound like a pro.

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Blue has teamed up with Ubisoft® to bring you the Snowball Black iCE + Ubisoft $20 Discount Bundle. Choose from Ubisoft’s game portfolio including South Park®, Rayman®, Assassin’s Creed® and even new releases.

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Level up your game streaming and broadcasts with Yeti Streamer—a bundle that includes the world’s #1 USB microphone plus six months of free premium access to XSplit and OvrStream broadcast-production software (PC download, $100 value).

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