Mikey Digital

Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo condenser microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into the sleekest mobile recording device around. Capture pristine recordings of live music, audio for video, podcasts, interviews, guitar and vocals—and whatever else you can imagine—whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. And it’s Lightning and iOS 7 compatible, so you can just plug in and go. With Mikey Digital, it’s simpler than ever to capture pristine audio—anywhere, anytime.


Bottle Rocket Stage 2

Bottle Rocket Stage 2 is a hand-assembled, discrete Class A vacuum tube microphone that excels in virtually any recording application. With nine interchangeable Bottle Caps to choose from, Bottle Rocket Stage 2 delivers unlimited sonic possibilities and seamless recording for any instrument or vocal performance.

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The Reactor multi-pattern microphone is a fully discreet Class A solid state microphone that adapts to a range of applications. It features live pattern switching and a 90° rotating head that lets you dial in the perfect angle for vocals, instruments and more.

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Woodpecker is a discreet Class A ribbon microphone that delivers larger-than-life sound with smooth, intimate tones. It features a handcrafted aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer with proprietary active circuitry, and is ideal for capturing the essence of any voice or instrument with immaculate detail.

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Cactus is a multi-pattern vacuum tube condenser microphone that puts your lead vocal and instrument tracks to the front of the mix with commanding presence and exceptional detail. It features a transformer-balanced sub-miniature pentode tube and the highest quality electronics for nuanced sound and inspired performances.

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