Studio Headphones with Built-In Audiophile Amp

Yeti Broadcaster

It’s time to make that podcast you’ve been dreaming about.

Assassin's Creed Streamer Bundles

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All streams lead to Blue

Blue mics have been at the center of the streaming revolution from day one. From podcasts to YouTube, from Twitch to Skype, Blue is the mic millions use every day to sound amazing.

$ 129.99

The next best thing to teleportation

Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom…it’s ironic with all this technology, people still sound like they’re calling from the 1950’s. Luckily, Blue mics sound so real, it’s like you’re teleported into the room.

You cannot go wrong with Blue.


Blue Microphones have long been the choice of podcasters and recording pros.


Blue's condenser microphones are some of the most highly-coveted out there because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into building each one


The Yeti makes other lesser USB mics look downright abominable.


Sabrina Carpenter - Why Recorded Live in Blue Studio's

Blue + Ubisoft Bundles

Streaming bundles that give you everything you need to game and sound like a pro.

Blue Satellite headphones: Magnetic’s Top 5 for 2017

“It seems that just about every year the crew at Blue step up their headphone game in a significant way and 2017 was no exception. If you are looking for incredible sound with a bit more punch than the average bear, the Satellites might just be your new go-to for over-ear wireless listening.”

Brilliant Blues

Versatile and brilliant in tone, Blue’s Essential Series mics provide a pallet of sounds so you can make the most of your creative options wherever you record : Transparent sound with the Spark SL, modern sound the Bluebird SL, warm & classic sound with Baby Bottle SL, and precise transient response of Hummingbird.

The recording studio that goes anywhere

Raspberry Studio is the ultimate mobile recording system for vocals and instruments, delivering dramatic, studio-quality sound directly to your laptop or mobile device. With included recording and mastering software and a collection of quick start templates, Raspberry Studio makes it easy to produce professional recordings on the go.

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